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Let's consider what we've learned and imagine the perfect grocery retailer for Covid. It would be a retailer that wouldn't have a building so shoppers could avoid lining up to get in, navigating one-way aisles and meeting potentially infectious crowds. It would be a retailer where shoppers could save time and avoid a slow, laborious trip to the store, a trip during which they might even find the items they were looking for are out of stock. It would be a retailer where shoppers could avoid encountering the Coronavirus by buying groceries from the safety of their own homes. As a bonus, this retailer would have great price perception, because why not save money as well as stay safe and save time?

Turns out we don't have to imagine this retailer. We just have to look in our pockets and touch an app on our phones to find it. Or reside in one of the cities with Amazon Go or Amazon Fresh stores with smart baskets and walk-out and pay technology for speedy check-out.

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Each of the retailers in the First Quartile on the Covid had their own special recipe for driving momentum during 2020. Target ranks second in Digital and 9th in speed, while also ranking decently in Operations (16th). Fry's Foods and Kroger rank first and second respectively in Discounts, Rewards & Information, while also securing a decent competitive position in Digital (17th, 10th) and Operations (7th, 18th). Fareway and Publix leaned on Speed and Operations as their strengths for success during Covid.

A retailer may be wondering why they didn't make the First Quartile on the Covid Momentum Metric, especially since they may be experiencing what is for them explosive year-over-year growth. Aside from keeping in mind that most retailers are experiencing explosive year-over-year growth, an examination of the customer value propositions of the average retailer in the different Momentum Quartiles offers some answers.

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