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Prophets of Aisle Six, Episode 1: Raley’s Supermarkets
dunnhumby's Prophets of Aisle Six, Episode 1: Raley's Supermarkets

The Prophets of Aisle Six is the first online reality series focusing on innovation in the food retail industry. Join Jose Gomes, dunnhumby's North America Managing Director, in this season premiere as he travels to Sacramento to visit with executives from Raley's Supermarkets, a prominent grocery chain with more than 120 locations in California and Nevada, and learns more about the company's unique mission to help customers make more healthy eating decisions. Jose is joined by Raley's CEO Michael Teel, COO Keith Knopf, and Wellness Evangelist, Emmie Satrazemis, as they discuss how they're leveraging customer data science to make the company's mission come alive in a way that's both effective and sustainable.

In this series, dunnhumby tours North America and speaks with some of the world's greatest brands, exploring their biggest challenges and how they are using customer data science to meet those challenges. Check back next time as we head to Cleveland to see what the Heinen's team is up to.

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